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This forum thread needs a solution.

Block all websites but those "Allowed"

Is there a way to block all website but those we specifically set as "Allowed Websites"

We have the following web supervision - house rules settings:

Supervision level: HIGH

Blocked site categories: 48

We have selected ALL "Blocked Categories", but norton family seems to allow a significant number of sites that are not appropriate for our child.

Windows 10 - current release - Google Chrome - current release



Re: Block all websites but those "Allowed"

Additional information:

Norton family will block: webdomain.com

but Norton family will allow: shop.webdomain.com

It seems if there is a subdomain, the website is not being blocked and notifications are not sent out.

This allows the user to access content they are not permitted to access including PORN


Re: Block all websites but those "Allowed"

Hi nwbrad,

Thank you for contacting Norton Family forum.
“shop.webdomain.com” results in DNS address not found(ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) in the browser.
This seems to be an incorrect URL, could you please confirm?

Could you please check if Norton Family extension is enabled on Chrome browser.

Steps to do this :

  1. Open Chrome Browser.
  2. Select “More Tools->Extensions”.
  3. Norton™ Family extension must be enabled state.(If not enabled, please enable it)

Additionally please also let us know the websites which are currently not being blocked by Norton Family that is considered inappropriate for your child.


Re: Block all websites but those "Allowed"

The domains listed are generic names.  I did not want to publicly list the names of the domains we had a problem with.

The norton family extension is not installed - when I installed norton family, it did not install an extension.  When I tried to install it via chrome, I get "Image decode failed".  I tried restarting chrome several times and re-installing.  Same message.


Re: Block all websites but those "Allowed"

Hi nwbrad,

In general, Norton Family  chrome extension will be  installed along with the Norton Family application.

“Image decode failed” problem is related to Chrome.

Could you please try following methods to see if it works:

  1. Login with other windows account, try to install the extension. (or)
  2. Download and run the Chrome Cleanup Tool to search for suspicious programs and it also offers to remove them.(or)
  3. Scan with Norton Security or other antivirus tool for removing any malicious software from the computer.(or)
  4. If the above steps don't work, create a new browser profile for Chrome.

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