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Blocked time settings didn't work

I installed the new version of safety minder and set up the blocked hours for my son to be 10pm until 6am on sun-thursday, and 11pm to 6am Fri and Sat.

Monday night he was on the computer before 10pm and stayed on until about 10:40pm.  There were no warnings.  What is supposed to happen?  Does it just not allow him to log on during those times?  But if he is already logged on, what then?



Re: Blocked time settings didn't work

Hi atlmoons,

Thanks for the post.  The kid is supposed to be logged out after 10pm.  It makes no difference if he is already logged on or not.  Is it possible for you to post a screen snap of the Time Settings page, so we can take a look at the settings and work on it?



Thanks Katie

Re: Blocked time settings didn't work

Can you also confirm that the updated time settings are present on his computer by viewing the time remaining through the tray icon menu?

Andrew D. Software Quality Assurance Engineer Symantec Corp.

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