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Blocked Website Warning Flashes and Page Loads Anyway

Last night, I tried to log onto https://www.us.hsbc.com, using Norton Safe search. The safe search icons were there, indicating no problem. When I clicked on the link, the red Suspicious Website Blocked page flashed for a moment, and my browser was allowed to go to the site. This isn't the first time this happened. It happened a couple of weeks ago, and once the page loaded, I looked, and the lock icon was there, and it said that this was secure website. I then went back and got the Suspicious Page Blocked page, and was able to click on the link for the report, which showed no threats at all. I assumed it was a glitch, and logged into the site, and was able to access my account.

Last night when this happened, I decided not to log on. Once again, by going backwards, I was able to access the Suspicious Page Blocked page. I clicked on the report, and once again, found no computer or identity threats or annoyances factors.

I tried again, today, and one time, the site was blocked and later tonight, the warning flashed for a moment and then the webpage I wanted to visit loaded. Why is this happening?

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Re: Blocked Website Warning Flashes and Page Loads Anyway

When you click Back and got the block page, was the web URL the same as the one you had typed?

If you can reproduce this again, please post a screenshot of the Block page. 

Instructions to post screenshots can be found here


Never mind. I see you already posted screenshots in your other thread here.   https://community.norton.com/en/forums/another-blocked-website

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Blocked Website Warning Flashes and Page Loads Anyway

I did posted that thread first, and when I came back later, and didn't see anything, I then posted this thread, not realizing the first one did get posted.

Earlier today, I tried again, and got blocked when using that link twice. I just tried again, and wasn't blocked at all. This time,  the Red Suspicious Page Blocked wasn't there at all

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