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This forum thread needs a solution.

Blocking / Allowing programs while on VPN & the lack of the Windows Firewall 'Profiles' option.

I love Norton for the most part but over the years i have always been incredibly frustrated by the lack of firewall network profiles that exist in the Windows Firewall but not in Norton's firewall.

Through the use of these profiles in Windows Firewall & as long as the VPN is showing to have a 'Public' profile (while connected) & my own hard-wired network is shown as having a 'Private' profile then with a few clicks i can set a firewall rule to prevent or allow connections to programs while connected to a VPN.

I use these rules to ensure certain programs only have internet access while connected to a VPN & if the VPN drops, the program loses connection. Other programs that i use i set so that they are not allowed to use a VPN connection at-all.

All of this is easily acheived with the 'Profiles' option in Windows Firewall but replicating this behaviour through Norton's firewall is currently beyond me.

I have hunted high and low and managed to come across a very old post on the Norton forums from 2011 that details a method through blocking the IP address of the VPN server.:


I followed this guide closely and attemped (as a test) to try & allow the Spotify music client (Windows 10) to have an internet connection while on the VPN & when disconnected from the VPN to drop it's connection.

I could see through the Task manager that the Spotify client only requests connections through the single .exe & that there are not any supporting .exe's & processes that also required a connection.

I then found the static IP address of my VPN server through pinging the name of the server in a CMD window & then added that IP address to the section stated in the guide. I then created the rule to ALLOW all traffic only through that IP address.

As per that guide i then created a BLOCK rule that blocked all connections unless those permitted through the ALLOW rule which i placed above the BLOCK rule.

But it simply doesn't work. I have also tried allowing the UDP ports that the VPN uses as well but this has no effect and the Spotify client never has a connection while the VPN is connected.

The posted guide linked above is 8 years old so things may have changed, hopefully someone can assist me in trying to get this to work properly so i can at least have some kind of funtionality that resembles the profiles of Windows Firewall.