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Blocking sites when given the warning access


I was wanting to give my daughter "warning but allow access" access rights, but block her from certain sites.  I cannot find a way to do this.  Does anyone know how to do this?

I know I can block her totally from different categories then add sites to block, but I feel I can give her access to the warning and allow her to decide whether to continue, but there are still some sites I want her out of and sometimes as punishment, to disable Facebook, or not allow access until homework is all done!




Re: Blocking sites when given the warning access

Hi helifaxnz,

How about give the option "warning but allow access" to her profile, but put the certain sites that you to block to the black list.  For  your example,  keep Facebook.com on the black list.  When your daughter's homework is done, you can take Facebook.com off the black list.

Below shows how to block a website.




Thanks Katie

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