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Browsing sv2i/v2i files

Hi everyone,

I was a Ghost 15 user, and have numerous backups of my old PC from years ago. These files consist of the usual sv2i and v2i format.

I use a Macbook but, assuming there is no OSX equivalent, what is the best software to use to view these files on Windows 8.1? I say view because I don't actually wish to restore a machine, I just want to view the files and restore the odd document.

Is there a viewer of sorts? Anything that runs on OSX would be a bonus!

Many thanks


Accepted Solution

Re: Browsing sv2i/v2i files

You could try a 60 day trial of SSR 2013 R2 from here:-


Click on the trialware tab, you will need to sign in.

Install it on Win8.1 then you could use the recovery point browser to view the files.



Re: Browsing sv2i/v2i files

Perfect that worked great, thanks :] 


Re: Browsing sv2i/v2i files

I am experiencing some similar Issues.

I want to restore a drive. I have some files that came from a Windows XP machine:





The files are on a USB thumbdrive. 

I tried to access them using 60 day trial of SSR 2013 R2  That is running on a Windows 7 32 bit machine. 

The program doesn't seem to recognize the .SV2I file,

When I selected the C or D file It listed some information about the file, bur when I selected 'OK' to continue and show me some of the recovery points. I was presented with another window stating "Error: ED80001F This recovery point uses a form of compression that is not supported by this version of the product on this platform."  

Is there an older version of Ghost that I should be using?  Which version would that be? 

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Re: Browsing sv2i/v2i files

Your images were made with Ghost 9, that version used a different type of compression.

This will work.  Actually this is what both of you should be using because it is a free standalone image explorer that does not expire and needs no installation.




Re: Browsing sv2i/v2i files

Thanks for the help. Know I can at least see what is in the files, Which is a huge step forward


Re: Browsing sv2i/v2i files

You can use that to restore files and folders from your old images.

You can also use it to copy or convert your images into "standard" compression to make the images compatible with more recent versions of Ghost and SSR.


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