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Bug report portal.

It would be nice to create some bug report portal where users can submit their bugs in Norton products. Firstly this portal asks you to fill a form with information about your system, Norton product and describe your problem with ability to attach screenshots or file to make it easier to describe the problem. Then you get a ticket number and start a chat with someone from NortonLifeLock. The present support chat is just horrible - only 255 characters to describe your problem, then you face with stupid bot who doesn't know what you need and  can't help with a specific issue. Then you finally connect with real support agent but he also often doesn't (want to) understand your problem and the only thing that is offered is remote assistance. Come on, I don't need it, I just want to share my problem with you so that you can fix it. Remote assistance not always needed in this case.



Re: Bug report portal.

Hi @Vitalik93

Your proposal is a very good idea.

In the first response, it seems to me that it is also one of the objectives of this forum.

Also do not hesitate to report concerns and bugs identified in the right category of the forum with the necessary information (including screenshots when necessary).
This allows NortonLifeLock developer teams to reproduce bugs and fix them as quickly as possible.
This also allows gurus and forum members when it is a concern of setting up to assist the user and quickly resolve his difficulty.

Good night.



Re: Bug report portal.

Hi, two bug reports:

1. Norton firewall keeps blocking EA app account verification on every boot up in windows 11, only way round this is to disable smart firewall then login to EA app, then switch on firewall, needs a fix and quickly to have compatibility.

2. after two reinstalls of Norton due to auto protect greying out, one day after third reinstall it has happened again, no malware, no viruses, Norton has reported no security issues whatsoever, this needs a fix quicky and not just Norton saying to reinstall program as that does not work, I have 2 computers one windows 11 and one windows 10 and is happening on both so fix is needed. unless these bugs fixed I doubt I'll renew my Norton subscription and look at another program.