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Burp in the system last night, or just me

Over the last week, roughly since my last post, mining has been decent for me.  I only have a single GTX 3060 so it is slow for me, each 0.001 takes about 5-8 days with me mining around 75% of the day on avg, HR in the low 20s.  Yep, about 1 payout per month at this rate!  May quit after this next one and see what happens with Norton when ETH2 comes.  I'm just going to hold my ETH as is for now since the 15% is high and ETH network gas prices kill profits when you transfer to Coinbase.  Will Norton setup a combined ETH2 stake for us that hold our ETH in Norton wallet, maybe?

Problem I saw last night.  Normally during the night it does the best rate of ETH increase but last night something was out of whack, I only got at best 39% of my normal low end rate.  Was it just me, the servers, both?  Wondering if anyone else saw that last night.

I have noticed that I have to do a cold reboot about once a day when the miner gets hung up, did that this morning when I saw miner was not looking good.  Goes right back to the normal rate after reboot.

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Re: Burp in the system last night, or just me

Yes I'm interested in knowing what Norton plans to do when ETH 2.0 is in full effect? Maybe they can offer other algos that would be good.

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Re: Burp in the system last night, or just me

I had another bad night of mining, about 44.5% of my low normal rate; equates to about 7 lost hrs over 13 hr since my last check!! I did see this morning it was not mining when I got on my computer, wonder for how long; 7 hrs?  It had been going pretty good over the last week since the last time this happened.

I did see there is a new build, will see if Live update gets it for me. Hope there is a log feature I've been asking for.

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