Can I add my wife to Lifelock?

I have Lifelock with my 360 subscription.  Can I add m wife or would she need her own Lifelock account?

ALSO - she has a Mac.  Is 360 available for Mac?

Thanks - Richard

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Re: Can I add my wife to Lifelock?

Norton 360 with LifeLock plans are available to any user/s you choose up to the number of plan devices. 

Norton 360 - 10 devices means up to 10 devices, any person/s. 

LifeLock Identity Theft Protection (ITP) features is per per person, per membership.  

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Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage offers protection for up to 10 PCs, Macs, smartphones or tablets 

Add a member to your account
If you have a subscription with LifeLock, you can add a member at any time by signing in to your account. In rare cases, certain types of memberships cannot support adding members this way and require you to call Member Services & Support.

For United States
Everyone has a different social security number, so we have to charge per person, per membership, as this allows for each individual to receive our Million Dollar ProtectionTM Package^. If you're a victim of identity theft, LifeLock helps protect you with our Million Dollar ProtectionTM Package^ including our Service Guarantee to provide for experts and lawyers, if needed. 

If you have a Norton 360 with LifeLock Plan subscription. 
If you're asking about LifeLock Identity Theft Protection (ITP) features. 
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection (ITP) is per person, per membership. 

Please contact Member Services to discuss your options to add another LifeLock membership.

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If you're asking about NortonLifeLock Dark Web Monitoring.   
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