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Can I Configure Norton Premium in a Default-Deny Mode?

Just for when I surf certain things or in certain countries, a Default-Deny mode would be very helpful.


Would changing the trust level to "Restricted" achieve Default-Deny?




Re: Can I Configure Norton Premium in a Default-Deny Mode?

This is how I see it. Norton blocks no matter what your Network setting is, within your own network. (LAN). Such as, this would be a matter of security for devices getting used on your home network and getting protected from the internet. Example would be a printer, if you want to isolate your printer from the Internet, this would be the network card settings and Norton's software setting for Ethernet. For this I generally use 'PUBLIC' for this because I don't share files or printer with others on LAN. As far as Internet is concern, this would be any protection you have, blocking with software, and is separate from your network hardware affiliations. I hope I helped some. I used to be in the same boat as your for many years, until more recently. Norton can be set to be as aggressive you want it to be. And if you use other protections as well, such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, or say some AD-Blocker, this would go a LONG ways toward helping the browser protection with all the countries involved/visited...

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Re: Can I Configure Norton Premium in a Default-Deny Mode?

Network trust is essentially for your local area network - it determines what access devices connected to your router or a public wireless network have to your computer.  It really has nothing to do with surfing the internet.  Just the default protections in Norton should be enough to protect you online - that is, after all, what they are designed to do.  The only other safeguard I would recommend would be to block JavaScript in your browser for untrusted websites.  If there are certain websites you want to deny, just don't visit them.

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