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Can I prevent uninstall by windows admin user

I have a 13 year old son who runs windows 10 and installs programs to learn prograrming etc on a regular basis.

This has meant that he uses admin rights on his pc but it also means he is able to circumnavigate Norton Security.

Is there a way I can apply Norton so that it can only be uninstalled or circumnavigated by myself when required.  secondary requirement for admin users like my son.



Re: Can I prevent uninstall by windows admin user

Hello A.McClean

Do you have Norton Family installed? If you do, I can have this thread moved to the Norton Family Board if you would like.


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Re: Can I prevent uninstall by windows admin user

Norton Family is for parental monitoring of childrens' online activities.  It does not have any bearing on what a user with administrator rights can do, such as uninstalling programs.  This is a question about being able to modify or remove Norton Security, and so properly belongs here.

You could set password protection to prevent access to Norton settings, but I think an administrator could still uninstall the product.  Does your child need administrator permissions to run any of his programs, or only to install them?  You shouldn't be running as administrator for everyday use anyway - I would suggest setting his account to a standard user and having him ask you to install and remove programs if that would not interfere with his ability to run the programs.

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