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can not update


the nis was update on my pc ,which the build number still show 22.5.I unreceive any informtion that told me reboot my laptop.I check nis version but the page told me Your Norton software up to date.what should i do?

my System is win8





Re: can not update

Hi nio,

As the latest was an update, not an upgrade - the Check Version function will not display a new version.  In order to update to 22.6, you need to run LiveUpdate.

Have you run LiveUpdate?


Re: can not update

Hello nio

You have only received part of the update. The update is being given out in a manner so that not every one receives the update at the same time. The version number will not change until you receive the rest of the update. You can try running live update to see if the rest of the update will come through to you. When you get the rest of the update, you will have to reboot your computer. After rebooting, you will see the version change.


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