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Can view vault entry but cannot edit it

I am trying to delete or edit an entry using the Norton tool bar (IE & FF).  When I select “VAULT IS OPEN”, “Logins” and then entry of interest and then click on it opens the web page.

What I want is to change it or delete it.  If I click on a box with 3 white bars to the right, I get a blue pop up of the entry with the contents in white.  There is a blue text “edit” at the top of the popup but when I click on it all get the settings popup.

So how do I edit an entry?

Norton Security Suite


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Accepted Solution
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Re: Can view vault entry but cannot edit it

Let's see if I can walk you through the process

Click on the 'Open' button

Click on 'Logins' to display the list

When you reach the desired login move the cursor across the listing to the blue box and click

When the login detail displays click on the blue word edit

this will open a new window 'editing login'

To see your password click on the 'eye'

Change all of the data that needs it then click on the word 'save in the top bar

The display will change to indicate that the system has saved the changes

You can then click out of that display

Now when you click on that login it will fill in the changed data.

Keep us posted

Dick Win 10x64 current current NSBU

Re: Can view vault entry but cannot edit it

Hi rb_bolin,

May I suggest another method, although the method above should work just fine!  Click on Vault is Open and select Open Identity Safe - scroll to the log-in you desire to edit, hi-light it and then left click on it, on the new page select Edit, change what you desire and Save. Or you can choose Delete in lieu of Edit.

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