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Can you block access to an online backup on a different device?


I'm using the backup feature in 'Norton Security with backup' (formerly Norton 360) for many years now, and I want to expand my use of it. But an important question pops up in my mind.

When you make an online backup on PC A from a certain directory, you can easily access all the files inside this backup on a different PC B, using the 'Norton Backup Drive' feature in your Windows Explorer (on PC B). This would mean that another person, who has the same Norton licence on his / her PC installed, can access the files that are inside this backup.

So, when my best friend and I buy together a Norton licence, my best friend will be able to access the files in my personal online backup. Now, it's not because someone is your best friend, that he or she should also be able to see all the files inside my personal backup. So is there a way to block the access to this online backup from another pc, or to lock the access to this backup with a password?

Note: I don't have a problem with the fact that you can see on PC B that there's an online backup from PC A, but the unlimited access to it can become a security risk. Using the online backup feature implies that you make the data inside the backup accessible on all devices that share the same Norton license.

Is there a solution for this situation, except not using the online backup feature?