I looked at the top 10 VPN's and Norton vpn is no where near the top ten!!! I've had this service now for two years and regret not going with one of the top ten.  The reason I'm canceling my account is because I can't log into the vpn on my MacBook Pro. I even had one of their agents go on my computer to fix it, he tried everything and nothing worked. I have been without a vpn for a week now and I'm over it at this point. I'm going to pick one of the top 3 vin's and go with them. Norton has terrible customer service too.




Here is my chat session with Norton on this - October 31, 2021 9:30PM EST

I uninstalled, downloaded and reinstalled norton VPN because I could no longer turn it on.  I need to create my laptop VPN connection manually because I have McAfee installed.  I only want to use Norton VPN without Norton Security.  Need talk to person

Mehak A|9:04 PM

May I know the exact issue you are facing with Norton VPN?

9:04 PM

I can not turn it on.

9:04 PM

it is installed

9:05 PM

i think that i need to setup my vpn network connection again

9:05 PM


9:06 PM

I have McAfee installed.  I only want to use Norton VPN without Norton Security.

9:06 PM

That is how I have done it in the past.

Mehak A|9:07 PM

Thank you for information.

9:07 PM

your welcome

Mehak A|9:09 PM

I would like to inform you that this is an ongoing issue and we have received many complaints regarding this. Our team is working on this and it will be resolved soon.

Mehak A|9:09 PM

I would request you to wait 24 hours as we are hopeful the issue will be resolved soon. In case it isn't you can contact us back within 24 hours and we will give you an update or troubleshoot the issue as per directions. This issue is occuring due to the recent roll out of new updates in the Opertaing system of Apple.

9:10 PM

however, my mac is running an older version of OS X

9:11 PM

macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6

Mehak A|9:11 PM

Norton is supported on the OS version of your Mac. This issue is widespread over all versions. There is a syncing error between the Norton product and the updates.

9:12 PM

oh i see - thank you - 1 last quick question - how can I confirm if my vpn is working

Mehak A|9:13 PM

It is possible that the VPN may not work until this issue is resolved.

9:13 PM

ok thank you

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