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Cannot add new device, Norton says all apps are active already

I recently got a new iPhone, so I removed the old device from my list of devices in my account. The new iPhone has all the apps that my old one did as it was restored from a backup of the old phone. Vault Unlock push notification is not being sent to the new phone and when I click the links to activate items such as: Password Manager, VPN, and App Device Care, it says all these apps are already active. 



Re: Cannot add new device, Norton says all apps are active already

Not quite sure where you are trying to add a device???  You say you removed the old phone from your Norton Account. Did you just remove it from the Devices page, or did you remove it from the My Subscriptions page? The My Subscriptions page is the one that will free up the activation for use on a new device.

As for the Mobile Unlock feature. You cannot just take your old SIM card to the new phone for Mobile Unlock to work. The feature is not tied to a phone number. You have to set up Mobile Unlock for your new phone from your browser's Norton Password Manager, NPM, extension's Settings. If possible, remove the old phone from the list of registered devices in the Mobile Unlock settings. And remember that you have to have the NPM app installed on the new phone and you must have the vault open on that phone during the Mobile Unlock setup.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.