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Cannot fully defrag (optimize) hard drive

I am unable to fully defragment (optimize) the hard drive on my laptop. I have already downloaded Windows 10. The problem started about a week ago. After I "analyzed" the hard drive it said 21% defragmented! After defragging with several passes it always came back 14% defragged and remains that way. (Prior to several checks early-on after the Win 10 download it was always only about 3-4% defragged so I didn't bother optimizing). No viruses were picked up by Norton after several full scans. I don't know whether I have a bad sector on my drive or maybe leftover Windows 10 garbage or maybe something else. Any thoughts on how I might further troubleshoot and/or fix the problem? I'm not a technical person and I'm using a Toshiba Satellite laptop. Thanks in advance for any help.



Re: Cannot fully defrag (optimize) hard drive


If you have not installed and activated W10 that could account for part of the problem. If you are running W10 it tends to correct itself over time without any intervention. Also, you have a 'Windows Old' folder on the drive now which is all of the stuff from your last operating system that was saved during the installation of W10.

Please confirm that you are not trying to defrag an SSD.


Dick Win 10x64 10586 current NSBU

Re: Cannot fully defrag (optimize) hard drive

Hi Dick,

I have installed and activated W10. As you suggested perhaps it could be leftover stuff when I upgraded from Windows 7. I just attempted to defrag my hard drive and it still remains 14% fragmented. In addition, I am not trying to defrag an SSD.

Thanks for your help, Roger