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This forum thread needs a solution.

Cannot import CSV file into Password Vault

I just upgraded from Norton 360 Premier to Norton 360 with Lifelock and in the process, the installation tech deleted my password vault. Now I am trying to import a previous export of my vault passwords into my new password vault. No passwords are imported. Here is what I have done to troubleshoot this issue.

I created a new password vault, created one password and exported it. I got a window containing the following text:

Username,Password,Title,Login URL,Notes

This is useless since the Password Manager does not import CSV files in this format. I see that I can import the following formats:

Chrome and Firefox, Dashlane, LastPass, LastPass (binary version) 1Password

I decided to test the Dashlane import. I downloaded the sample Dashlane data file

www.twitter.com,Twitter,myemail@gmail.com,MeTwitter,Password,Social Media,This is my Twitter note
www.facebook.com,Facebook,my_other_email@gmail.com,,Password,No Category,This is my Facebook note

It is an MSDOS CSV. I emptied my password vault and tried to Import this file using the Import function. Nothing is imported.

I am stunned at how difficult a simple Import/Export is in Norton Password Manager. Can anyone see what I am doing incorrectly?

I am using Chrome on Windows 10 Pro. I have not deleted the previous Vault yet on other devices (cell phone, another PC).



Re: Cannot import CSV file into Password Vault

Adding Norton doc referenced, above

As I recall. 
Community has seen similar comments regarding problems with Norton Password Manager Import/Export -

Does this help?

Regarding Dashlane

Note: I do not run Norton Password Manager -


Re: Cannot import CSV file into Password Vault

Thanks for the links @bjm_. I've read both of them prior to my original post.

Is anyone having any success exporting and then re-importing Norton Password Manager passwords? I am not convinced it works.