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Cannot Log into Identity Safe

I've talked to three techs today and have endured two remote fix it sessions all because I could not log into Norton Identity Safe (NIS) last night and today.  Each of the remote sessions appeared to have fixed the problem, but shortly after the sessions ended I was unable to log in.

Here is what I discovered this evening:  If I reboot my machine, I can login successfully.  If I close the NIS Application (without closing the Safe) it should stay open so that I can use it in Firefox or Internet Explorer, right.  Well, that does not happen.  The second time I start NIS (or click on the Open Save button in Firefox) NIS times out when I give it a password and tells me to check my internet connection.  Whoa, I am watching television using a Roku (and an internet connection) and I am browsing the web using (wait for it) an internet connection.

So, why is a reboot required to connect to NIS online?

And another issue, why is the data not stored on my computer so that I am not dependent on the internet, some server in India and Denial of Service attacks and other internet woes?

This product now is definitely on my "Get rid of this junk" list unless it changes quickly back to something useful.

Bob Van Tuyl