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cannot manage norton 360 subscriptions

I have multiple 360 subscriptions which I have not needed to manage for about a year.  Something has changed, and I cannot access the page where I can delete a computer and add another.  I have done EXTENSIVE searches on the Norton site, and have used Google.  So please - I am not a newbie.

Following the link under "My Account" ---> "Manage Subscriptions"  I am sent to a page that shows "Norton Password Manager" on a trial subscription.  I have been using this for several years.  Under "History"  it shows "Norton Security Premium" canceled and and "Norton 360" canceled.  As I type this, the Norton 360 shows "subscription status: Active".  Same on my other computers.  On May, 16, 2022 Norton took an automated payment for my multiple computer subscription.

I have just bought a new computer with a one month Mcafee AV and I need to make changes now.  It is ridiculous that there is no email support for this product.  All my computers are in WIndows 11 and Norton 360 continues to update.  I simply want to update Norton.