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Cannot open Norton Secure VPN

Today my VPN service informed me: You do not have permission to open the application “Norton Secure” Why now and how do I restore the permission?


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Re: Cannot open Norton Secure VPN

~ does this help?

Add VPN configurations to allow Norton to protect your Mac against suspicious network activities - 10/12/2021

Norton Secure VPN now requires keychain access on your Mac, please click here for more information. 


Re: Cannot open Norton Secure VPN

This does not work for more than 1 user on the system. Looks like you an only enable VPN for the user that you used to install the product. You can not configure a VPN profile for other users. This is a regression in behavior over prior versions of Norton 360.


Re: Cannot open Norton Secure VPN

Hello @Luyar123

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you please share some more details, and we can try helping to resolve your issue. Please let me know whether you have upgraded to the latest version 8.7 ?.

You can find the version by opening the Norton 360 App, and then from the product menu  ( on the top left corner of the screen ) and select the "About Norton 360" option. 

From 8.7 version onwards, older Norton Secure ,will be replaced with a new VPN client ( part of Norton ), based on Apple's IP Sec, with better security and more robust performance.

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