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cannot send an invite

I get the following error when attempting to send an invite:

  • An error has occurred while trying to send this message. Please try again.

I put my email address in the from and my spouses name in the to and her email in the his/her email.  I have tried from firefox and IE7.

Please help!



Re: cannot send an invite


Please note that the issue you are facing has most probably occurred due to an incorrect email address that you typed in "His/Her Email" field. There must be a minute typo mistake. If you had put the email address completely wrong then you would have got a clear error message like "Invalid email address". So I request you to retype the whole email address and check the isssue again.

Also, you should type your name in "From" field. The "To" field is for your spouse name. The "His/Her Email" field is for the email address of your spouse.

Please see https://onlinefamily.norton.com/familysafety/help/inviting-parent.jsp for general help in this regard. You may also like to see following post which describes a related issue and its solution:




SQA Specialist

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