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Cant access particular pc on workgroup since installed NIS 2010

Have a PC (win7) with NIS 2012 with a network printer attached. Have 3 other PC's on network and they can all access shared folder and print on the printer. One has just had NIS 2010 (win xp) installed and now will print once but then can no longer access the workgroup or printer. somtimes it will print again later and sometimes not.  Looking at the Norton network map on both machines all pc's are shown as trusted. When we cant print, the computer with printer  attached cant be seen on the workgroup computer list by the pc trying to print. So not sure which end is at fault although the other pc's can print ok all the time.

All was ok till NIS 2010 was installed on the XP machine.  Other XP machines dont have NIS installed and they work ok all the time.  Tried Purging the network map etc and no change.

Thanks if any one has any ideas....




Re: Cant access particular pc on workgroup since installed NIS 2010

Home group has been an issue with NIS2012.  Workgroup hasn't been as much of a problem. You may need to leave the workgroup on that machine and rebuild it.  Have you rebooted the machine since the upgrade?

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