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Can't access Quarintine Folder

ok so Norton security basically deleted a 42gb file, i came to this conclusion because i can't restore it from the quarantine. took me to days to download the MMO so i'm really depressed. Anyway i tried to manually open the quarantine folder on my c drive but was hit with this message i've tried setting it up from there but no luck. can anyone help and guide me through this?

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Re: Can't access Quarintine Folder

You cannot access Norton Files directly because of the Norton Product Tamper Protection. It is protecting the Quarantined files in case malware was aware of that location and would try to access the file from there to wreak havoc on you system.

Have you looked in the Norton History, under the Quarantine section. Find the detection for the file you want to restore and look for a More Details or something like that. Click that and you should be taken to the Quarantined file. From there you can restore and exclude from future scans. Just be absolutely sure the file is safe, or you put your system at risk.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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