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Can't access while in Norton Account online Identity Safe Vault keeps giving error

This product has never worked correctly for my several computers to sync passwords with an online vault. After litterally days of online trouble shooting and the suggestion that I uninstall NIS fr4om all my computers and reinstall them all and then retry the process of getting NIS online vault to work they would give me no assurances that this would even work. So I abandoned the online vault and now want to delete the online vault that worked on the first computer I set up. However when I go online to my norton web site online account and try to login to the NIS IS vault the correct password works and then errors out so there is no way that I can delete the vault.....I do not want this vault online at all So how can I get rid of it when it won't work....Any ideas??

Since the Norton phone help has benn less than helpful and I don't care to troubleshoot this product anymore can you online folks suggest an easy was to drop this vault from my online account at your website after logged in........



Re: Can't access while in Norton Account online Identity Safe Vault keeps giving error

Hi Bitbob,

if you are absolutely sure you want to delete your Online vault, (this will also delete all your passwords and they can not be recovered, unless perhpas you have already Exported a copy)  you need to try to log in using three different incorrect passwords. That should delete your online account.

Let us know if you desire any more assistance.

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