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Can't change my password to Norton Password Manager

Changing Password:

First, Norton’s Password Manager warned me to change weak, duplicate or bad passwords. No documentation was provided -- no information on how long the password should be.

I even used Norton’s Password Generator to create secure passwords ... i even made them longer and longer to make them better. 

I spent over 4 hours today trying to change my login just to Norton.com and to save the new password to Password Manager. 

I got several warnings that I made too many attempts, so Norton emailed me links to reset my password. EVERY TIME, it said I was successful. BUT, I still could not login.

Finally, I Googled, not Chatted, to discover that my passwords were too long.

Almost every site, for which I have been setting passwords, have warned me about how many characters to use, whether numbers, special characters, etc. --- BUT Norton say NOTHING! … Bad Documentation



Re: Can't change my password to Norton Password Manager

My Norton account Sign in = 21 characters

My Norton’s Password Manager password = 23 characters

Community has seen number of characters confusion reports, before.