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This forum thread needs a solution.

Can't download Norton Family on Windows 10

My son's laptop got upgraded to Windows 10 automatically and Norton Family started to behaved erratically, so I decided to uninstall/install, but I can't install since Norton Download Manager cannot download NF. The NF_Installer 1MB installer gets downloaded, it starts, but after a couple of seconds it stops with the message "Click Retry to continue your install" and it gives the options to "Cancel Install" or "Retry". 

Obviously I hit try and the same thing happens over and over.

I downloaded NF by signing in to the NF website and clicking on the "Download Norton Family Now" section/button, which downloads the NF_Installer.exe file.

I've also tried deleting C:\Users\Public\Downloads\Norton directory and the C:<my user>\AppData\Local\Temp directories without success

How do I fix this and get NF installed again ?



Re: Can't download Norton Family on Windows 10

I figured out...

I also have McAfee installed and when I ran NF installer directly instead of Download Manager, then the installer said it didn't like the McAfee product. Not sure why since NF and the anti-virus McAfee are different products, so it shouldn't matter. This means Norton's Download Manager is not well designed...

So I uninstalled McAfee, installed NF, and then re-installed McAfee again. What a waste of time this whole thing...

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