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can't log onto Account.Norton.com

I'm trying to change my credit card information for automatic billing for Norton Internet Security for the upcoming year, so I provide my email address and my password and the Account.Norton.com website says my password is invalid.  I then provide my email address password as requested by the website and click on the 'forgot password link and get a message stating that a message has been sent to my email to facilitate the 'changing' of my password.  When I look to my email account, there isn't any link from Norton to do so.  I then try to create a new Norton account and Norton says an account with that email address already exists.  I'm quite frustrated.  And I'm real tired of constantly having to prove to Norton that I'm not a computer.





Re: can't log onto Account.Norton.com

Obviously in my OP to this thread when I posted: 'I provide my email address and my password...' I meant to type 'when I provide my email address (to allow Norton to allow the changing of my password)'...

Hi, Mark, the OP of  this post, again, with a few more thoughts to add to the OP.

(1) Is my computer treating any Norton reply emails as spam?  What Norton email address should I include on my computer so it's not possibly considered spam?

(2) It seems, every time I want to access Account.Norton.com, my password isn't valid even though I haven't changed it, and, matter of fact, the last time I changed this password was 12/20/16 (the last time I accessed Account.Norton.com)?  Why is my password invalid each time I want to access Account.Norton.com?

(2A) This time, why can't I receive the reply email link from Norton to facilitate the 'changing' of my password?

(3) Is there some toll-free number I can call so I can talk to a Norton operator to help facilitate some of these problems?

Thanks, Mark.


Re: can't log onto Account.Norton.com

Hi cabse5,

You can try Norton support:



Re: can't log onto Account.Norton.com

The email for the forgotten password could have been sent to your spam/junk folder. Did you check?

Your spam filter should have an option to mark emails as 'not spam/junk'. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
Accepted Solution

Re: can't log onto Account.Norton.com

Hi, OP, Mark, here.

(1) I realized the emails sent to my email box from Norton to change the password for my Norton account information arrived about 7 minutes after they were requested.

(2) I realized my password for \\account.norton.com and \\community.norton.com were the same.password.

I kept attempting to access my Norton account information with the incorrect password.  After I accessed my Norton account information and corrected the billing info for auto billing, my dilemma was resolved.

Thanks for your help.


Re: can't log onto Account.Norton.com


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