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Can't Open Norton Antivirus

My wife noticed her Window 7 laptop showed the small white flag at the bottom with the red "X" on it which means the Windows 7 Action Center found something wrong. As it turns out, the Action Center shows the Norton AntiVirus program is turned off for both the virus protection and spyware protection. When I click to turn either on, it pops up with a message asking if I trust Norton AntiVirus. It specifies the program it is trying to run is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton AntiVirus\Engine\\WSCStub.exe. No matter how many times I click to turn it on, it will not turn on. I saw on this forum others had his problem but they could still show that Norton was running. I drilled down to this actual file location and when I double click the .exe file, nothing opens or happens. When I click on the general desktop icon for Norton AntiVirus, nothing opens up. I looked into this icon and found that it is looking at a different .exe all together in a different folder. This .exe is C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton AntiVirus\Engine64\\uistub.exe. When I drill down to this folder and click on the .exe specified, again, nothing happens. What is the difference between each .exe file shown and what do I need to do to get them to run properly? This issue was first noticed by my wife about a week ago. Her computer had been running just fine for about 4-5 years.



Re: Can't Open Norton Antivirus

Please reinstall using Norton remove and reinstall tool at www.norton.com/nrnr
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