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Can't Open Vault On Windows Identity Safe With Network Cost Awareness

I have NAV, and recently (since the update?) I'm unable to open my vault. At the "Vault Closed" prompt, I type in my vault password and click Open. It says "Validating Vault password...", pauses for a minute, and comes back with a warning "The operation timed out. Check your network connection or try again at a later time."

I'm using a metered mobile wireless internet connection on this PC, so I've had the network connection set to "Economy" for Network Cost Awareness for quite a while now. I've never had a problem opening my Identity Safe Vault before recent updates.

As an experiment, I changed the Network Cost Awareness setting to Off and tried again to open my Vault. This time I was successful. I then turned Network Cost Awareness back On, closed the Vault, and tried again. I was able to open the Vault, but I'm concerned that I won't be able to open it after the next time I reboot. I'm also concerned that my Vault won't synchronize with the online Vault with Network Cost Awareness set to On.



Re: Can't Open Vault On Windows Identity Safe With Network Cost Awareness

This Norton KB article explains Network Cost Awareness.

Economy mode is described as

Economy Allows Norton to access the Internet only to receive critical product updates and virus definitions. If you have a limited Internet connection, Economy ensures you are protected from critical security threats.

 It suggests that the only thing that is allowed are the critical updates and definitions. No mention of ID Safe.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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