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Can't ping my PC from LAN with NIS

My laptop running XP SP3 is runnign NIS and I can't ping it from other machines on my LAN unless I disable the smart firewall.  I don't recall having this problem in the past.  I did enable IPv6 on my laptop and I know NIS has issues with that.

Anyway the problem appears to be that the rule to allow inbound ICMP is unchecked and grayed out such that I can't enable it.  Other than creating my own rule, which is what I did to fix a similar issue with ipv6 traceroute, is there some way to fix this?

Edit: Turning off stateful firewall, causing the boxes to be checked, but I still can't ping my laptop from other LAN computers.



Re: Can't ping my PC from LAN with NIS

Hi Morac,

Just a question, you mean that ICMP is blocked by NIS, or the pc in question is not "seen" by the other pc's in the LAN??

Thank you.



Re: Can't ping my PC from LAN with NIS

Open the network security map and verify the other computers on the LAN are set to Shared or Full Trust.



Re: Can't ping my PC from LAN with NIS

I have just had a similar problem. I have a home network with 3 PCs. 2 running XP SP3 and 1 running Vista.

1 of the XP machines has been upgraded from NIS 2013 to 2014 the other 2 (XP + Vista) are still running NIS 2013. As far as I remember everything was fine until I did the upgrade.

Since then I have been having network problems between the two XP machines where the one running NIS2013 could not read the shared drives or printer on the XP machine running NIS2014. However it could still read the shared drives on the vista machine with NIS2013.

The Vista machine seemed to be unaffected and could read the shared drives on both XP machines irrespective of the version of NIS.

When trying to ping between the PCs it became clear that there was another problem with the XP machine running NIS2014. Neither of the other 2 machines running NIS2013 could get a reply from it although they could ping each other without any problem. In the other direction the XP machine running NIS2014 could ping both NIS2013 machines OK.

The Vista machine is using TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6 while the 2  XP machines are using just TCP/IP.

The solution that I have found seems to be editing the Norton Network Security Map on the XP machine running NIS2014 to increase the trust level of the other network machines from "SHARED" to "FULL TRUST". I did not have to touch the Security Map on the machines running NIS2013 and they remain with the remote machines set to "SHARED" - as set by NIS itself.

This has enabled the ability to share all the drives again and to ping between the PCs.

Clearly there are differences between the way the firewall works between NIS2013 and NIS2014 on XP machines and also further differences between  NIS2014 on XP and  NIS2013 on Vista.

Throughout the whole of my trouble shooting the Network Security Maps clearly displayed the 3 PCs and correctly labeled them as shared. To solve the problem I only had to change the security status to "FULL TRUST" on the machine running NIS2014.

To help others with this problem find a potential solution I have copied the (misleading) windows error messages below:-

" \\.......\Shared Folder on .......... is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

No network provider accepted the given network path. "

Good luck - Mike

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