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Can't post reply to forums.

Sure, I can apparently *start* a new topic but can't reply to anything. Forced to use cell phone on data connection because WiFi is telling me it's compromised and didn't really get a comforting answer when I called Symatec so I shut off the modem & the Norton Core for the night. I see a forum discussing this very issue but I can't add my experience because there is no "comment" box at the bottom of the thread. Now frustrated, concerned my network is actually compromised and disappointed that Norton Core either didn't protect my network or has failed and that support could only say "everything looks fine from our side" and will call me back tomorrow as they are "watching". A long time Symantec customer is now very disappointed.


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Re: Can't post reply to forums.

Nevermind. Obviously it was a PEBKAC error. *wanders off, sheepish*

Re: Can't post reply to forums.

My question is how do I even start to post a question. I have clicked everywhere. Sorry, new at this. Any help appreciated.

Re: Can't post reply to forums.

Norton Comm 1,

Please refer: FAQs

To create new forum posts please click on "Ask the Community" or "Create New Post" from the forum header part. 

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