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This forum thread needs a solution.

Cant purge files from Norton Online Backup account or clear storage

Problem has existed for over 10 days and began when when my monthly backup failed. Norton recently had an outage with their Online Backup product. Unaware of their problem, I made the mistake of removing the computer and re-adding it back, now my allocated storage is inaccessible, I cant purge files, restore files or do anything with it...it says 76% of 60Gb used. I have contacted Norton support 5 times to follow-up on my case since the problem started, to purge the storage so I can take a fresh backup...I received assurances from the CSR's that this would be completed in 24-48 hours, all 5 times, with no action at all. Extremely frustrated with this service...will not renew my subscription when it expires later this year.

Can any of the Norton admins please help to purge my storage?



Re: Cant purge files from Norton Online Backup account or clear storage

Hello emptycannons I will forward the link to this thread to one of the program Admins. There have been other of late having this issue. Hopefully we can get you some help.


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