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Can't Sign in to Internet Security

I am using Windows 7 and Norton Security With Backup. I can no longer log in to Identity Safe in IE 11.  The log in box appears, with the orange sign in button.   Left clicking the button causes it to flash in the usual acknowledgement that it has been clicked, but then nothing happens.




Re: Can't Sign in to Internet Security

Hello Disciplec

Have you tried restarting?


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 1903 Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 302 Android App 2.27 Chrome latest version.
Accepted Solution

Re: Can't Sign in to Internet Security

As for rebooting, sure.  That's the first thing I always do in these kinds of situations.  No difference.  However the problem is now resolved.

After posting the question I discovered that the problem was wider than just Identity Safe.  Buttons quite working on several websites as well.  It went away with the most recent Win 7 updates, so I expect there was a bug in a previous Win 7 update that got corrected. 

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