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Can't turn off Norton Safe Search for Firefox 24.0

I can't get rid of the Norton Safe Search (NSS) from the Norton Toolbar on my desktop PC.

I keep reading that there is supposed to be a left click button for the tick (check - US) roundel on the left to toggle the search box and off, but there's nothing there. (Attachment Pic 1)

I have the same version of N360 on a laptop as well as my desktop PC (both using XP SP3 with FF24), neither has a toggle button, but on the laptop NSS is mercifully off. It had been off on the PC until I got Norton 21 installed.

I've tried another method I've found elsewhere to remove NSS, but that only toggles Safe Web and Safe Share. (Attachment pic 2)

I really don't need to have NSS duplicating searches (Attachment pic 3), and. I don't have kids, so while I want to keep Safe Web I don't want or need NSS taking up space and browser speed.

I'd appreciate a resolution to this, or a patch int he next update if it's a bug. I usd to be able to toggle Norton on previous versions, but now I can't.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Can't turn off Norton Safe Search for Firefox 24.0

Hi Kif,

First thing I would ask for you to do is run LiveUpdate (rebooting when requested) until such time as LiveUpdate responds with the exact words "no updates found". Please up[date both systems. This will insure you are current in your updates and is a good starting point, especially when compariing the two systems.

I know you are on N 360, but the image below is from my NIS and is what I would expect for you to also see in a totally updated N 360.  I am not running N 360 - but am running a clone of N 360 (Comcast's Norton Security Suite) and not only has the Norton Safe Search disappeared from the NTB, but also the option for Enable Norton Safe Web in ID Safe Settings.  I see that option is avilable in your image of the options.

At this point I hope someone who is running the retail version of N360 can verify they also only have the two options you have - in lieu of the three options I have in NIS.

Sorry I could not be more help.

Accepted Solution

Re: Can't turn off Norton Safe Search for Firefox 24.0

Actually, Yank, that was help enough.

I updated today (Sunday 2/2/14), and despite updating yesterday I still got new stuff to install - though it required no reboot. Tried again, and got Up-to-Date message. Then went into the Settings.

My Identity Protection was set to 'Off'. I don't use any SocNets because I like to have a life, and I can't think of any celebrities I want to threaten in 140 characters! And as the most recent versions of N360 have been slow to load and resource heavy compared to the 2010/11 versions, I switch off anything I can find that I don't need.

When I turned ID Protect on and went into Config I got the third option I didn't have before, and then switched off Norton Safe Search. Went back the Settings screen, toggled ID Protect back off again, then loaded up Firefox. Et voila! Gone!

I' m not sure if an update has changed anything (I've had this problem for a while now, and updated several times since), or it had simply something to do with switching ID Protect on and off, but it seems to gave done the trick.

Why Symantec feel the need to bury NTB settings like that when a button on the bar itself would do (and used to have), I don't understand. Until it went unsupported, II had a great earlier version of 360 (v5 - 2011) which had customizable scans, and didn't open different screens for every process; now I can have four 360 task bar items running at once when conducting my weekly scan, and have to shutdown two of them myself. N360 21 (2013) is bloaty, slow to load and harder to use. Stick with NIS! I think this will be the last time I'll use Norton 360 after decades as a customer using Norton products.

But until then, many thanks, Yank for the pointers. It didn't occur to me (though I suppose I should've considered a connection) that a setting in ID Protect would have one for the NTB when it was set to 'On'. It's nice to have less clutter on my browser.

Cheers, and thanks again



Re: Can't turn off Norton Safe Search for Firefox 24.0

You are very welcome Kif - for at least getting you headed in the right direction.  Yes, when version 21 frist came out it did not have the option to control the Norton Safe Search and the update to v 21.1 addeed it - so you updating totally makes sense in making that option appear.

Glad you got it sorted, but I am at a lose for the newer versions slowing your XP system - most users say the newer versions of Norton are lighter on their systems??

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