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This forum thread needs a solution.

Can't Turn ON the security for norton-products agains unautorized changes (secure against hackers)

hi there all

(it's possible that in the English version of NI2008 the titles are different, i've got the Dutch version, but i will explain when needed)

Under the NI2008 internet security options, in the main settings. the second check box with something like secure your norton-products (recommanded). "secure norton products agains unautorized changes"

I can't check this dialog box, it's grey and I can't do nothing. Autofix gives nothing and does strange. I tried reinstalling, but didn help. Live-update sais NI2008 is upto date.

It could be some display faillure (jave problem?) but i've got everthing upto date.

NI2008 works fine for most (the agains phissing does weird and won't turn on either, againn i've got no choise, only to turn it of, but not on). Internet explorer7 won't let me turn on the taskbar for NI2008 aswel. very weird, but not a main problem. iv'e got firefox

Can someone give me the solution, or can tell me if this is a display faillure or something else. Is there some upgrade/update needed to download i've overlooked. i hear there are different version (for example 15) but were can you check what version you have?. I allways use live-update through the Norton internet security 2008 main interface.


-problem with checkbox, can;t turn on or of

-version update, were to see what version you have, and updates outside simpel liveupdate through main interface





Re: Can't Turn ON the security for norton-products agains unautorized changes (secure against hackers)

I think i first update to version 15.5 (i found the version number under info at help and support) than see what happens. If still things are gooing strange , mayby let it like this, it's working fine overall . or reformat pc en reinstall.


After updating to 15.5 everthing was fine. All toolbars were back and no display errors or weird stuff going one. 



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