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Can't update credit card details

My old credit card had to be replaced before its expiry date due to a chip malfunction.

Following the instructions on updating billing information, I changed to the new card details.

When I try to save it, the text shows " We are unable to process your order from the information provided. Please re-enter your payment information or try anther payment method."

I checked with my bank and they confirmed that there was no block on the card

I tried with VPN on and off. I paid attention to the spacing on on the cardholder name (different on the new card and this has caused problems in the past) all to no avail. Sometimes I get a captcha, sometimes not, even when re-entering identical details.

There does not appear to be any local support to provide details of a beneficiary account that would enable me to do a transfer at a branch, so I am out of options

I have just under two weeks to resolve this, failing which I shall be obliged to cancel my subscription



Re: Can't update credit card details

Update your credit card information

You can update your credit card information by signing in to your account.

When your subscription is due for renewal, and if the credit card information in your account is outdated, we send you a notification to update your credit card. You can also update this information by clicking on the notification.

If you are from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, visit your Norton store to update your account details. If your order number is starting with NP or AP, you can update your card information following the steps below.



For more help, contact Member Service & Support.

Contact Norton Support 

Twitter Norton Support 


Re: Can't update credit card details

You said you turned VPN off. If you have an ad blocker installed in your browser, you should turn that off for Norton web pages. 


Re: Can't update credit card details

Sorted. Cancelled the subscription. The dropdown menu on the cancellation page doesn't even allow me to give the reason: impossibility

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