Can't update one Windows pc beyond version

Yesterday, for the first time in a couple months, I turned on a pc I don't use very often.  It has Windows 7 (with Microsoft Extended Security Updates). I checked Norton and it was at version  My other two computers (one Windows 10 and one Windows 7) are at version  I ran Live Update on the computer with, but no change.  Tried several times throughout the day, and re-booted a few times.  Also, New Version Check from the Help panel takes me to a web page that says I have the latest version.

Any idea why this is happening?  Is it possibly a server-side issue, e.g. all Windows users would be unable to manually update version at the moment?  I know that new versions are released in a phased manner, but I didn't think a computer would be purposely kept at a version that's almost four months old?  If this is indeed abnormal, is there any way to address it other than a manual download and install?  I don't mind having that computer remain on for awhile longer, but obviously I don't want that to be permanent.



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Re: Can't update one Windows pc beyond version

Today Live Update was finally able to jump me ahead to the newest version,  So it must've been a server-side delay, probably intentional.

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