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Can't verify my site

My site was flagged for having malicious threats. I have removed the suspcious code placed on my hosting by a hacker and changed/strengthened my FTP pasword. Now I need to get my site revaluated and cleared of any suspicion.

I have uploaded the verification file to my site AND added the meta tag. I have repeated this process 3 times and for some reason Norton SafeWeb cannot verify my site. Please help:



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Re: Can't verify my site

Hello AdServicesInc and welcome!

Although I cannot see your HTML file (no link provided), the Safe Web meta tag appears to be properly formatted and placed on your home page.

I will notify the Safe Web team of your issue.  Please allow them a day or two to respond back to you in this thread.

In the mean time, could you double check that the URL you submitted to Safe Web exactly matches your website address, letter for letter?

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Re: Can't verify my site

Thanks for your help! My site has been verified.

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