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This forum thread needs a solution.

Captcha issues

Does anyone know how I can turn off the Captcha function? I am having major issues with Captcha images and Captcha word, simply because I am finding it impossible to log into things until my children take pity on me and help me. I see cars, bicycles, traffic lights, trees, etc in every image, or in none of the images. It's like the old problem of "I see a White Sheep". Actually, the sheep is white on only the side you see, but the sheep is not necessarily white, because its eye, ears and nose are presumably not white. And the sheep is white only on the outside, but we can't be certain that  it is white on the inside, etc.  So... we see a sheep. If I see a wheel, it's not necessarily a bicycle, but it COULD be, but it's just the wheel, so it's not a bicycle. As for word images, I have exactly the same issues as well, since you cannot necessarily differentiate between upper case and lower case letters. I spend a good 20 minutes trying to get into my own programs on my own computer, and it's a big waste of my time. I'm about to dump this program.



Re: Captcha issues

Does anyone know how I can turn off the Captcha function?

Um, where are you seeing Captcha function?

I'm about to dump this program.

Um, what program?