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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Centurylink subscription expired

I get my Norton Antivirus via Centurylink.  All of a sudden last week I got an alert that my subscription had expired.  That is odd because the Centurylink version had up to this point been perpetual.   In fact, two other machines are still working OK.

It also appears inconsistent:   The top of the Norton window says "You are protected", with the protection updates of today and a scan of 21 hours.  Yet the bottom says (in red) subscription status: expired | renew, with the centurylink logo. Updates continue to download, so it appears that protection is still active even though the subscription status says not.

If I follow the renew link it takes me to a paid subscription page.  Again, the Centurylink NAV has always been free.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and then started the LiveUpdate updates through the patches and reboots.  It started off OK but eventually gave me the same thing.

I then used the removal tool, and got the same results.  Again, I ran through the liveupdates to get everything caught up. It started off OK, but after one of the reboots the expired status came back. 

I finally contacted Centurylink and they did a remote session and basically did all I did (use the removal tool, reinstall).   This time I just left it alone and didn't force the LiveUpdates.  It took a few days and one reboot, but after the reboot, the expired status has returned.

I've given up on Centurylink since all they want to do is what I've already done three times ("the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result").

Any ideas from the Norton community?




Re: Centurylink subscription expired

Try going to the main Norton screen and click on Help - Subscription Status. See if that can help.

I'm asking our resident Comcast guru @yank to look in here. Different providers, but similar products and problems/solutions.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Identity Safe data.
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Re: Centurylink subscription expired

Thanks @peterweb for calling this to my attention.  As you said - Century Link is not my ISP - so guessing in this case. 

I am not  sure how Century Link tracks their licenses for Norton, but if there is something corrupt in the data base of "current customers" (at either Century Link's or Norton's end) then if they track by system, it might be possible there is a mismatch between the two data bases for that system.  

FWIW Comcast tracks via the residential modem and the Primary user being logged into Comcast, checking this against the user still being a Comcast customer.

peterweb, the Comcast version does not have a check Subscription Status function available, as I suspect Century Link would not either.  Although I do believe Century Link has different versions of Norton available - above NAV being free there is a charge for NS.

<EDIT> Here is a link I found on the Century Link site:


I have to be curious if you have not picked up something on that system that is preventing the install - double check your Programs and Features and see if you recognize any strange programs listed for starters.


Re: Centurylink subscription expired

I'm having the same problem, Norton works fine until second LiveUpdate after install/reinstall then get a screen

That says: Your Norton Subscription Is Not Active Check your Norton Subscription. Clicking the Check Subscription eventually brings up a screen that says

Norton AntiVirus Online You are Protected

Status: Active
Subscription: Your product is active until you cancel your subscription with your service

But trying to run Norton Antivirus Online brings up the Not Active screen mentioned above

Running LiveUpdate results in a Failed to complete screen with the message Service is expired.


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