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Changed Avatars

I dont really have a problem with the recent changes to the forums, with 1 exception, what happened to the Avatars? For 1 thing there used to be a much bigger selection of Avatars to choose from, also the Guru and Volunteer Avatars look the same as they did before, but my Avatar and many others appear as a double pane window, with the Avatar in the right pane but the left pane is black. Any info?


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Re: Changed Avatars

Hi Turbo,

Gurus, volunteers etc. can choose their avatars - which other posters cannot. You'll see that some of the Gurus have changed their icons to fit the new rectangular shape of the icon holder. If you choose an avatar from the images which are at your disposal, you will see that they are no longer square like before, but rectangular. The black space with the label "Classic" simply fills the space which is not occupied by your current square avatar (which was transferred from the previous forum layout).

You can read more over here in shannons' post:


Your Norton Ladybug.
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Re: Changed Avatars

To put it bluntly, I just don't like the new avatars.

I admit that they have a more sleek and modern feel, but upon sitting down to select one I found that none of them really jumped out at me. Some, like the the various creature related ones (animals, monsters, robots) have color schemes that make it hard to tell what is even in the picture. I was also very surprised to see how few categories of avatars there now are. There used to be some very cool medieval ones for example.

Norton in my opinion could have done a much better job in overhauling the forum's collection of avatars. There really wasn't even anything wrong with the old avatars except maybe a slightly old fashioned feel that some of them had.

Even if norton for whatever reason cannot provide more options to users in terms of the new avatars, then they should at the very least give all users the option to select from one of the "classic" avatars at any time.

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