Changing default browser for Password

For some reason, Norton Password Vault is only working in Microsoft Edge on my Surface, even though I have Norton extensions added to Chrome, my default browser. As a result, I cannot get to sites through my Password Vault, including interactive sites for work that don't function on Edge. I have to view and remember, or edit and copy, the passwords and site URLs.

I have Windows 10, updated.

Does anyone have a solution for this? The only thing available to me for settings is viewing My Norton vs Norton 360. Thanks for any help!


Accepted Solution

Re: Changing default browser for Password

Hello Quakerfem. Your vault should be synching across ALL your browsers that have the PWM extension installed when they are used. IF, you use a VPN when logging into work sites, those sites may be the culprit by not allowing anonymous logins. There are, for example, websites I must use to track and update my military pension and healthcare that do not allow the vault to populate the saved logins. Is this the scenario you are also seeing?


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