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The character of your service

I have been a Norton customer for quite a few years. Characteristically you have been in the background, unobtrusively providing reliable security for what I considered to be a fair fee. The last year or so your company has ramped up its promotional pro-offerings to the point where they are so frequent and insistent, they are becoming an irritation. A new twist is that now you are endorsing the products of others such as Lifelock with which you have now apparently conjoined.You are changing the nature of your business and how it is perceived. Take note of how far Triple AAA has fallen. They were once considered a rock solid organization with which to be affiliated; now due to inundating people's mailbox with trash they are generally ranked right alongside Publishers Clearing House. 



Re: The character of your service

Hi bullwinkle2,

May I suggest that you post your above post to the Product Suggestions board?  There it can probably be noticed by Symantec Staff as they keep an eye on that board and hopefully your complaint about their commercial practice will be heard. Thanks.

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