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Charged for the Core on my CC

A week or so ago, I got notified that there was an error made on the Norton side, and they had accidentally charged everyone for the CORE prior to it being shipped. I checked my account and that charge did eventually go away.

However, today, I received that same notification, and the charge has cleared my account. So, I would assume that since Norton has charged me for the CORE, my router is on it's way and I should receive it early next week, right?

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Re: Charged for the Core on my CC


Re: Charged for the Core on my CC

Perfect, thanks for the info!

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Re: Charged for the Core on my CC

Yup - Same happened to me, including the apology email from Norton the following day. As it turned out, it wasn't actually a "payment ding" after all (at least it wasn't for me). Rather, it was a "Pending Transaction Hold" and something I find quite understandable considering the long "Advanced Order" lead time (my Core was ordered at the beginning of March 2017).

IMHO, Norton was just getting some assurance that sufficient funds were still in-place (on our payment method) prior to physically shipping us the product.

FWIW, My payment method was actually charged yesterday (my payment method provider notified me about the charge,) so I'm now assuming that I will soon be receiving my Core! - Finally! - Hooray!  



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