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This forum thread needs a solution.

Child can access blocked site by disabling extension

We have You Tube blocked.  Our son has found that by turning off the Norton extension on his desktop, all blocked sites are fully accessible.   He is using Google Chrome.  Thankfully, he has been honest and has brought this flaw to our attention.  However, we pay for a subscription for the purpose of blocking it and if he can easily manuever around the security, there is no point in having it.  This is frustrating to us because we think we have sites blocked, when in reality they aren’t.

Please advise whether this issue is resolvable and what steps we should take.

Thank you.



Re: Child can access blocked site by disabling extension

Hi z.hat,

Extension is a prerequisite for the product to function completely and should not be disabled. In the event the extension is disabled by the child, please enable it again to ensure the child browsing remains safe. Norton Family sends out an email when the extension is disabled to have a discussion with your child and re-enable it again. We are exploring on solutions to protect the child even when the extension is tampered. We will keep you posted once the solution is ready to be released.


Manoj Kumar

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