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Child can delete IOS device management profile???

Norton family internet monitoring on iPhone only works when using the Norton Family browser. You can't use the Norton browser unless you install the IOS Device Management profile. This profile disables the Safari browser. 

However, I discovered today that my child can navigate to the iPhone settings, and uninstall the MDM profile which, in doing so, re-enables Safari. These settings are not covered by restrictions. So then, whats the point? If he can remove the device management profile, he has access to Safari which isn't monitored.

Am I missing something here?



Re: Child can delete IOS device management profile???

We send out a notification to parents when profile is removed from the device by children. Apple devices have the limitation wherein user of the device has the authority to remove management profile which cannot be prevented.

You can now click on the Norton Family app to reinstall the profile which will disable Safari again and the child can use the Norton browser to stay protected.

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