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Child disabling NF extensions - so no protection - Norton keeps calling this closed

Dear Norton,  It is irritating that you keep closing this discussion thread when clearly you have not "solved" the issue.  I copied one of many prior issues:  "Currently, my child can disable/remove the NF extension..... ".   Norton keeps making ref. to a second level of protection, that does not work either.  What good is it to put the cookie jar up high, if you give the kid a ladder?
"Had I known that I would have to manually re-enable this extension every time its disabled, I wouldn't have purchased the product!"  n

How about this:  Send me a text notification immediatly when the NF extension is disabled or the child is otherwise not being protected -  ???



Re: Child disabling NF extensions - so no protection - Norton keeps calling this closed

Dear Ran,
We received your feedback on Norton Family and we would like to assist you further.

Browser extension is a prerequisite for the product to function completely and should not be removed or disabled. User has privileges on the extensions in their computer and cannot be controlled entirely from a product running on the device.

Norton Family also sends out an email and Push Notification on Norton Family Parent Apps when the extension is disabled/removed to have a discussion with your child and re-enable it again. It is strongly recommended to go back and enable browser extensions to experience complete protection.

We would like to understand further on the second layer of protection that is not working. Could you please help explain with more details?

Websites that are not allowed as per the house rules will get blocked with a browser-specific Internet access block message even when the extension is disabled/removed. Please let us know if you do not see this working on your child's device.

Norton Family Team!

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