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O/S: Windows 10 Pro; PC: MS Surface Pro 2018(?); Norton apps:  NS2018, Norton Utilities 16

Sometime in Sept 2018, I tried to fix some glitches in my PC using Norton Utilities - Disk Repair (Disk Doctor).  It didn't help & I eventually used the Windows Recovery option to reset the PC. From that time on, the machine was horribly slow to boot, often taking 90 seconds or more. Before the glitches, boot-time was 10-15 seconds.  Considering the only problem was the slow boot, and lacking time to investigate, I lived with it until yesterday (12/23/18).

I use two 24" monitors with this PC, and always boot with the Surface Pro lid closed, so didn't notice until yesterday (12/23/18) that every boot included the running of Check Disk (CHKNTFS). Using an elevated command prompt of CHKNTFS /X C: to stop disk checking didn't work, but I ran across an article online that included steps which did. 

Opening the Registry to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager and looking at BootExecute value in the right pane showed an entry that referred to Norton Utilities\Disk Doctor.  I closed the unchanged Registry and ran Norton Utilities\Recovery\Disk Repair - it reported disk errors that were not fixed by the app, saying drive C: was inaccessible. I opened an elevated Command prompt and ran CHKDSK and CHKNTFS which reported NO errors found on drive C:.

Reopening the Registry, I changed the BootExecute value referencing Norton with, "autocheck autochk *" (with the asterisk, but without the quotation marks), closed the Registry, and rebooted.  CHKNTFS no long ran at startup - boot times were back to 10-15 seconds.  Additionally, running CHKNTFS C: from an elevated command prompt, no longer reported the drive as "dirty".

I suspect when I had first ran Norton Utilities Disk Repair, which found errors, the result was somehow inserted into the Registry, but the Windows Recovery/Reset option didn't change it back to 'normal'.  That's speculation which I'll leave that to the so-called experts to hash out.

The web article can be found at howto-connect.com/how-to-stop-chkdsk-in-progress-windows-10/

Toyman (12/23/18)