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Chrome Extensions - This can read and change site data

I've noticed that unless I set the extension setting "This can read and change site data" to "On all sites", the extension does not seem to work. The problem is that my kids can change this value to get around the norton family protection and I have no way to know they have changed it. How can I prevent this from happening?



Re: Chrome Extensions - This can read and change site data

Hi KenA1,

In the latest Chrome version (Chrome v70 onwards), child can deactivate monitoring without disabling the extension.
We would be sending an alert in Norton Family portal and also notify parents as part of browser extension disabled email.
This is how parents would get to know the extension has been tampered.

User on the system trying to change browser extension settings (from Chrome v70 onwards) cannot be prevented. Please have a discussion with your child not to alter extension settings when you see alerts or email notification.

To Enable Monitoring:
Open Chrome Browser -> Click on Chrome Settings Menu > More Tools > Extensions, and in the Norton Family extension, click Details. Then, under “Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites that you visit:” make sure the option “On all Sites” is selected.


Manoj Kumar

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